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Marissa Tampoya

It all started when I lived in Washington DC, Maryland, Seattle, and Colorado. The winters are cold and I was miserable, so I started making some warm fuzzy scarves for myself. After that, wherever I went I would always receive compliments from people on the streets, at restaurants, and at work. I soon found myself making scarves for my friends and anyone else who was interested.

When I moved to Seattle and Colorado, I started a business making scarves and pants. I use all kinds of fabrics depending on what my customers prefer, whether it’s warm fuzzy pants or light scarves for summer.

I owe much of my inspiration to the island where I grew up: Jolo, Sulu Philippines. I tend to use colorful fabrics that remind me of the island, though now that I’ve lived in America since 1984, I use other colors and fabrics as well.

Designs and ideas come to me in many different ways. Sometimes, when I am sewing, designs would just come through my head like watching trains go by. So I have a notebook and pencil beside me to sketch the ideas that pass through.

If you don’t find a style that suits you, I will personally make one for you with all my heart.

Thank you for visiting my site! Hopefully the universe will lead us to connect soon ♥︎


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